National Gallery Videos

1. 5-minutes with Turner

The National Gallery asks:

“How often do you just glance at a painting?

Do you experience it any differently when you take the time to look, slowly?”

Take five minutes to look slowly at Turner’s painting of the Great Western Railway.

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2. A curated look at: working from home

A look at paintings that depict interiors and people at home.

Presented by Francesca Whitlum-Cooper.

Francesca is the Myojin-Nadar Associate Curator of Paintings at the National Gallery, London.

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3. Make and create

A collage inspired by Rousseau’s ‘Surprised!’, presented by Bethan Durie.

To take part you will need:

  • Old magazines or newspapers.
  • Paper or card.
  • Scissors.
  • A glue stick.
  • Coloured pencils.

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4. Lake Keitele

Akseli Gallen-Kallela painted this whilst in isolation.

He used art to express nationalist a time when Finland was striving for independence.

This view of a Finnish lake.offers a moment of calm.

Yet, there is a hint of darkness.

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5. Love and punishment: Arrows in art

Discover hidden symbols in art. Carlo Corsato explains the meaning behind arrows.

from Cupid’s bow,.

to Odysseus‘s archery skills.

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This page was created by Jayne Lindsay and Abi Roper, with brilliant materials from the National Gallery, to present an aphasia-accessible art experience.